BinusTV Reload Review

This next event, Reload on BinusTV, is probably the hardest for me to write. The main problem was that the event was taken place on live stream and I had yet to get my own router in my Boarder Room. Because of it, I had to use quota from my phone to watch livestream, but it would ate a lot of the space. As a result, I couldn’t watch the rest of the livestream.

The opening of Reload was a little entertaining but it did catch my attention. It was like a talk show with the host interview some students about their game projects. The first game they presented was Snowman Defender, which is a tower-defense type of game. From what I could see, it seemed decent. The premise was on the weird side, centering a boy defending his snowman from the abominable snow monsters that were jealous of said snowman. You could see the story by looking at the option menu. The gameplay was simple but addictive and fun. Your player character can move up and down while shooting snowballs at enemies. The main objective was to protect the snowman and keeping your player character alive. It was easy at first, but as the game progressed, newer types of snow monsters would appear and required the players to choose their targets carefully. There were no main objectives to progress the story; it’s one of those arcade-styled games where the main focus was getting a high score. I have to give the creators credit when I learn about the game’s origin. It was made specifically for a contest where the theme must be Christmas related. I would have trouble trying to come up with a game concept centered on Christmas.

The other presentation was War of Creatures. It is a trading card game where you two players pit against each other, summoning various monster cards and using spells. Personally, I was more interested with this than Snowman Defender. The card game reminded me so much when I was a teenager. I used to play card games a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh. At the very least, the older version before it had gotten too complicated with the newer version’s implementation of Synchronic feature. I would really like to try and understand the rules a bit better. I’m looking forward to see War of Creatures developed in the future.

The third showcase was a student project, Necrolands. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the rest of the preview due to my quota ran out. By the time I got my quota refill, it was already over. Then again, it was kind of my fault for not using the lobby’s internet, but the last time I used it, it was notoriously slow.

Overall, Reload was good and entertaining. I like their previews and the hosts explaining the mechanics and their backstory. Personally, it is important for the hosts and the presenters to have fun with the games too so the viewers won’t get too bored. Thanks to their enthusiasm, I’m positive that it will attract viewers into trying out the games.

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